Better Hair & Skin bodyfood

Product & Ingredients

Our famous product, "Better Hair and Skin bodyfood", aka BHS body food, is an all in one refreshing cream that quickly absorbs and moisturizes, helping to reduce hair breakage, promote hair growth, skin rejuvenation and healing. Healing Hands' proprietary blend uses herbs, nut oils, fruit oils  and essential oils from West Africa, Australia, Southern Asia and the Americas. All of the ingredients are 100% natural. Included are shea butter -butyrospermum parkii , tea tree -Melaleuca alternifolia, mint -mentha, organic coconut - Coco Nucifera, almond-Prunus amygdalus var. dulcus, avocado-Persea Gratissima, black walnut-Juglans nigra, grapeseed - Vitis vinifera, and other natural properties. The antiseptic and regenerative properties found within our  product promotes healing; nourishing  your hair and skin just as any good food would do. Aromatherapy properties invite a wonderful soothing effect that's pleasing to the skin, uplifting, relaxing, and calming to the senses.

After bathing, lightly towel dry; place a small amount of body oil or body cream into your palm and rub.The body cream will become a smooth liquid. Thoroughly massage the cream over your entire moist body, scalp, and hair.
Concentrate on your problem areas such as hands, feet, elbows, scalp, or any particular area that needs attention. Your skin will begin to have a healthier even tone and glow, with more suppleness, and fewer blemishes.
In a short time your hair will become stronger, thicker, and softer. Use as needed to nourish your locks, scalp, feet, or entire body. Experience the difference from head to toe, naturally. The body cream's  color and texture may vary due to processing and shea butter origin. Keep body cream out of direct heat, product will melt. 
Keep body cream in an A/C environment during hotter months. Maximum shelf life for body cream and body oil  is 16- 18 months. 

Hair Type and Uses :
Coarse / Curly: After washing and rinsing hair, massage BHS bodyfood  into scalp and throughout the hair shaft. Saturate the ends of the hair. Dry hair and style. BHS body food can  be used as a substitute for hair grease. Place a small amount the size of a nickel into the scalp and the ends of the hair. Repeat as needed to keep the hair lustrous. 

Straight / Fine : BHS bodyfood is best used as a hot oil treatment. Wet hair, then massage body food into scalp working down towards  the ends of the hair shaft. Cover head with a plastic cap, or towel. Leave on for 10 to 30 minutes, then shampoo and rinse.

Or use BHS body food as a leave in hot oil treatment, after hair is washed and rinsed. Apply a dime or nickle size amount & thoroughly massage  into your hair and scalp. Then dry hair as usual.

                                  Product usage is intended for ages 2 to adult.