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Quotes "I highly recommend Better Hair and Skin body food. It is the only product I use on myself and my clients. Formally, a martial arts instructor with calloused feet and hands; now the proud owner of smooth and soft hands and feet. Thanks . Massage Therapist and Professional Dancer Quotes
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From Oregon

Quotes "Better Hair and Skin has completely transformed both my hair and skin. I use this all in one product daily, to maintain the health of my hair and skin. I even use it as a lip balm! This product not only promotes hair growth, but also helps maintain the elasticity and suppleness of the skin. I have used this product faithfully for over six years. This is truly a miracle product!" Quotes
Greensboro, NC

Quotes I had a large mole on my chest it was there for years,the doctors tried all sorts of creams and medication to remove it though its not malignant. I started using your Better Hair and Body cream 6 months ago, half of the mole has disappeared and you can see my real skin underneath. The doctor asked me what I was doing, and I told him what I was using, he said, if it works keep using it. Thank you so much for putting your product on the market, you are a blessing to me. Quotes
Greensboro, NC

Quotes "Since I've been using this product I've saved SO MUCH money! I don't have to buy a product for hair, skin, for my face, or my hands. This does it all. Since I've been using it as a night cream,I get a lot of compliments on my face its so smooth and toned now. Thanks for saving me $$ and for keeping me looking great!" Quotes
Mary Lee
Philadelphia, PA

Quotes I wanted to give you my testimony. A dark spot was growing on my scalp and nothing I did would stop it. My wife told me to try Better Hair & Skin, I finally did and within weeks the growth began to shrink and fade. I don't know how you do it, but keep making your product, it has helped me tremendously." Quotes
Greensboro, NC

Quotes "Following the amputation of my foot, the skin on my legs was black and crusty from months of swelling. The skin appeared burnt after the swelling went down. My family started applying the Better Hair & Skin body food once a day, and wrapped my legs. After a few days we began to see the healing take place. The old skin shed off and beautiful new skin appeared it was awesome! And the Doctor was so impressed he ordered 2 jars from Sensuous Scents and Sights for himself. His girlfriend took a jar to work and everyone who tried it was impressed and pleased with its healing properties. I am extremely grateful!" Quotes
Lila Collins
New York, New York

Quotes "My hair wasn't growing, Better Hair & Skin helped my hair start growing and keep growing quickly. It also helped my locks to become healthier and my scalp to not be dry like before. Using the product on my skin has proven to be an extra plus. There's moisture and elasticity in my face than before. It has even become smoother. The elbows and knees and heels are not ashy." Quotes
Phyllis Williams
Greensboro, NC

Quotes ''I just wanted to take time out to thank you for putting your hair product on the market. I purchased it at Baluba. My hair stylist noticed the difference in my hair and asked me, ''Your hair is growing what are you doing?'' I told him ''I was using Better Hair care, works wonderful. I had hair breakage in the front and my edges from using hot irons, I applied hair care I mean it is GROWING! Let God keep using you.'' Quotes
Kelli H
Greensboro, NC

Quotes ''My hair has a fine curly texture and I have to wash it everyday. Before I started to use Better Hair & Skin my hair use to easily beak off after washing or combing it. But now, that has stopped no more breakage or fallout! I can't believe it! My curls stay bouncy and full looking all day! And another plus is I don't have to use a lot I just massage a little on my scalp, it absorbs right in then I put a small amount in my hand and rub over my hair blow dry, shake it and go. Then I rub down with it instead of lotion and my skin smells and looks good all day. I love this stuff!" Quotes
Paula Westinghouse
Pittsburgh, PA