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Quotes BHS has consistently calmed my irritated skin. After 20 years I'm dealing with eczema, and in my last trimester I've tried every trick I could remember. BHS after a sea salt scrub gives lasting relief. Buy two bottles! Quotes
Ayodele Olufemi / June 2015

Quotes Hi, my name is Jody. I have been using this product for two years and my hair has grown so long,since then now my family is using it. Now the great news is my white long hair chihuahua started losing his hair and I tried everything,something told me to try it on my dog and his hair grew back even fuller!!!! He has no more bald spots:-) Thanks so much for this product.!!!!! Quotes

Quotes I started using this product instead of petroleum jelly to coat my scalp before getting my hair permed and it has worked wonders on my hair. I no longer get chemical burns on my scalp, and I don't need to perm it as much because my hair texture has gotten straighter. This is some good stuff, thank you ! Quotes
Janice P.

Quotes My three-year-old had a patch of thick, raised, itchy bumps covering almost an entire side of his left calf. After bathtime at night and before getting dressed in the morning, I covered him in Better Hair and Skin Bodyfood, paying particular attention to the spot on his leg. In just two days, it was completely gone--and it hasn't come back! Quotes
Adesoye Adeniyi
Wife and mother of two April 17,2015

Quotes I love BHS! My husband stocked up on several jars. He keeps joking that I need to make it last...I use it on my hair, skin, and love massaging my feet with BHS! Quotes
Ama Akyia
Customer from NC July 2014

Quotes I had to have chemo, and my hair came out. I started using this product and now my hair has grown past my shoulders. I told all my family about it and they love it too. God bless you ! Quotes
Satisfied customer 2014

Quotes March 6, 2014 Testimony, I recently gifted a loved one with a jar of Better Hair and Skin Food.. on yesterday she called me raving about how wonderful the product was , it smelled good, felt good and her skin and hair were doing amazing things. Thank you, for this gift of pampering and healing to people everywhere. Great Product ! Quotes
Satisfied Customer

Quotes A quick Healing Hands testimony. "Since Friday, my eczema had been flaring up on my left arm...been putting a little on a couple times a day since then, today is Sunday, and it is fading fast. Awesome!" Quotes

Quotes "Since I began using organic Body Food cream on my skin ten years ago, my eczema has remained under control and my hair is soft & shiny when I used it in place of 'hair grease'... Some people ask how my skin is so soft, well I'm spilling the beans!! This Philly lady mixes some awesome oils too!! " Quotes
Ebonique Day

Quotes "Because of the medication I'm taking, my hands have been peeling and rashy. Some friends suggested I try your product, and since I've been using it, my hands have healed up tremendously. My Dr. said, there wasn't anything that could be done for the reaction but, your cream did the trick.Thank you!" Quotes
Greensboro, NC